That time NSW cops hacked people’s Facebook, then looked a bit silly.


Stuff I might get around to reading myself, eventually.

Tech CEO of something says something quite probably interesting.

Why awful pictures make us click like unthinking puppet automaton things.

Speaking of awful, I support safe spaces away from awful people’s awfulness, but the title of this post perplexes me:

Early candid photographs were round, for some reason:

Young women in Sweden are receiving welcome encouragement to be feminist:

If you live in Sydney, you can study a Master in Museum and Heritage Studies:

Making Virtual Assistants better, ‘cos let’s face it, they’re pretty crap at lots of things:

Warhol randomly pointing cameras at famous and sexy people:

Poetry pays?

These folks claim they can make online advertising easy for me:

British Library offers over 1 million free vintage images for download
(Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.)

…That’ll do for now.

Rocking Out.


Just supposing, theoretically speaking, you happen to need royalty-free production music for your charming new video.

Where on earth might one go, to satisfy your unquenchable lust for mindless audio pap?

Here, here and here is where you will find sonically vibrant gems of ear-warping intensity, presumably.


You can thank me in the morning. 

Webcam recording software

Lack of vanity would never preclude me from wanting to record my own beautiful image.  I’m incredibly, intensely vain.  Not to mention handsome.


So whenever I require a virtual mirror at my fingertips, in order to preen like Narcissus in a lake of serene self-gratification, I know I can reach for one of these programs here:

These are freeware.  Camstudio is geared more toward screen capture, but apparently can be configured to record your webcam.

I haven’t used any of these yet, as I already know I’m beautiful.  But if you do use one, and are devastated to learn of the inadequacy of your appearance next to mine, such that it must be the fault of the software, please leave a comment in the space below, you poor, pitiful creature.