All the Censusfails.

So many of them.


I think the census is a very important and worthwhile gathering of information.


I was having a read of The Register, which is so British that it constantly mocks Australia for having a crap govt, and a frequently equally inept opposition, and deservedly so.

Look at this beautiful, beautiful code IBM gets to ,see every time you click resume:

I found that here:
IT analyst: Oz census data processed as plain text



Oz Guvermint cut $68m from ABS (note: citation needed) and outsourced everything to IBM, who are great at everything.

Predictably, shit happened.  Consequently, everyone was fired, except they weren’t.  Because it was all IBM’s fault, right?  This is reassuring.

So anyway, I’m just gonna dump a whole bunch o’ links here then:

Oh yeah, and on Aust Govt, corruption & IT ineptitude in general:





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