Ouch! My brain! Google AI tries to fry our minds.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve all seen this before, but you’ve probably seen it sober.


For a REAL trip, try looking at this stuff while in an altered state of mind.


Like, wow, man.


…. Sorry, I zoned out for a minute there.

What was I saying?  Ah yeah.  It’s a vast Google conspiracy, I’m sure, that they’re programming their AI to totally mess with our feeble brains.

“Google’s AI on LSD: what a robot’s dreams look like”

Evil bastards.  Instilling fear and derangement in us all.

“Dive deep into the trippy, terrifying art produced by a computer’s artificial brain”

Really, the void is staring back at us, Chtulu-like, and it doesn’t like us one bit.

Oh, you think this harmless experimental fun?  You want to live in a world overrun by hallucinated mutant hyenas?

Fancy rampant eyes appearing in place of your nipples in your snapshots at the beach?

Do you value your sanity at the supermarket?

You still think civilisation is safe?


How about your pets?


How about drugging up your favourite drugged out movie while on drugs?

“‘Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas’ Turns Even More Nightmarish Overlaid With Google’s Deep Dream Software”


“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas run through Google’s Deep Dream neural network is pure nightmare fuel”


Because it should be pretty clear by now just how much Google hates you and wants to destroy you.


They’ve even released the source code, FFS!
“Interactive Deep Neural Net Hallucinations (+source code) – Large Scale Deep Neural Net visualizing top level features”

How are we still sane?..

Are we still sane?..

We still sane?..

Still sane?..






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