Linux. Sounds like a floor covering. Looks like old Windows.


So!  Let’s install something that is an alternative to Windows 10, which watches you pee, or sees you pirate Kanye songs, or something.

Because this is a geeky thing to do, it will involve penguins, because that’s what geeks do, reference mascots and do memes and stuff.

Here’s a penguin:


Very clever.

So here’s a young man talking about Linux Mint, and why it’s vastly superior or comparable to Windows 10, yuck:

Windows 10 vs Linux | Linux Mint 17.2 Impressions by InfinitelyGalactic

And here’s why his favourite flavour is Mint:

Linux Mint MATE 17.2 Review | Linux Distro Reviews by InfinitelyGalactic

And here’s a penguin to break up the page a bit, for entertainment purposes:


No, that’s a cat.  This is very funny.  Where was I going next?  Ah yes, here:


No, here:

How to install Linux Mint via USB

Or alternatively, here:

Install any linux from a usb the easy way by pac-man

In which one does things.  Like install this thing, to help you install something:

UNetbootin ( allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions without burning a CD.)  And has features.

More penguins.



Oh, and here’s Linux Mint, for downloading and installing, twice if you like.

Must fly:


Lolz!            Penguins can’t fly.




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