Editing video like a lazy fox

Sometimes, when one is strapped to a desk and is compelled by evil forces to edit video, one is also strapped for time, for money, for common sense and for technical ability.

If, like me, you are screen-illiterate, what can one do?  Besides flail?  I’ll tell you.  Lean close.  Closerrr.   CLOOOSSEERR.  That’s too close.  Move back a bit.  Thank you. :

By taking shortcuts.


And substitute other people’s stuff as your own.

Shutup!  It’s legit!  This is the net / the modern workplace / Sparta / an old joke.


Okay, so here’s some stuff for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Suite 6 CC Reader Update Restart Your Computer BDOS Argh:



21 Broadcast Graphics Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro by Stern FX

Free Intro Templates (Sony Vegas Pro 10; Adobe Premiere Pro)

sternfx.com Auto Beat Edit


And free musics and noisesomes here.

You can thank me by dreaming of me alone in your bed tonight.  I know you will.  Don’t, we barely know each other.  Good luck in your happy editing!



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