Social Mediocrity

We all use those sites.  You know the ones I mean.  Their mediocrity is so banal I’m not even inspired to think of a punchline.

So here’s a picture of two grinning horses:


Nice.  So anyway, on one of these sites, I was called a white knight.  I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds delicious.


Hungry now.  I think I was defending an online acquaintance who happened to be a girl.  So I guess I deserved it.

Anyway, all the lads, rednecks and bogans who proliferate on those sites are complaining they can’t harass people on them effectively any more and keep getting into trouble.  I’m not linking to a BrightBart page,

brightbart but that’s a big current thing with Milo drinkers or something.


Thirsty now.  I digress.  So they, along with the normal people they harass, are looking for alternatives where they can express themselves freely.  As am I.  Away from them.

Some of these alternatives look better than others.  Faurbes has a very old page which suggests some.


Here are some, then, he wrote abruptly, coming to the point at last, in the way of so many second rate blogs, and with similar, disjointed, oddly-phrased syntax: =

and these look pretty frikkin’ dodgy to me.:

So there you go.  Dig in, friends, and have ye any alternatives to these alternatives, do let us know in the comments below.

alice_teeth Smiley face.



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